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Chiba borrows from the historic culture of the Chinese merchants who travelled through Indonesia and combines it with a contemporary design philosophy. Furniture from this range is available in high gloss red, white or black.

  1. Chiba Low Bed

    Chiba Low Bed

  2. Chiba 4-Poster Bed

    Chiba 4-Poster Bed

  3. Chiba Bed Side Table

    Chiba Bed Side Table

  1. Chiba Bed End Bench

    Chiba Bed End Bench

  2. Chiba Armchair

    Chiba Armchair

  3. Chiba Daybed

    Chiba Daybed

  1. Chiba Coffee Table

    Chiba Coffee Table

  2. Chiba Console Table Cabinet

    Chiba Console Table Cabinet

  3. Chiba Orient Mirror

    Chiba Orient Mirror

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